ORPAZ has over 30 years of experience and knowledge gained through real combat experience. The founder, who is a former veteran of the Israeli Police SWAT Unit, created ORPAZ in 1990. He has spent his whole life interacting with firearms and learning the most minute details about defensive and protective firearm gear. The team at ORPAZ has devoted much time to learning the intricacies of combat, and how gear can be improved for it. After years of experience with handling all kinds of weapons, the dedicated team at ORPAZ has devoted their time to developing the perfect ways to conveniently carry your firearm with you at all times.

The slogan  at ORPAZ is "By Your Side." This slogan represents the fact that Orpaz holsters will always be by your side, and also that ORPAZ cares about keeping you safe in any type of combat situation. Orpaz work our hardest every day to develop products that will keep you safe and well protected